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I truly believe nothing is as important as what us creatives are working on, and nothing matters to me more than graphic design does. Before I was a designer, I lacked passion and didn’t enjoy life as much. I found that passion I was looking for when I started designing over fifteen years ago, and I realized this after I noticed that I spend more time sitting in front of a computer than I do away from it. There isn’t much that I care about the same way I care about creating designs that leave the largest impact, and

create the best UX; this can sometimes be time-consuming, but I relish each moment because I love the rush of it. Two of my biggest inspirations, when it comes to design and marketing, are Nike and McDonald’s, because what these two companies do when it comes to designing and selling their products is pure gold. I badly want to work on revolutionary projects each and every day that are desired by and reach the masses.